Redicrete is able to supply ready-mixed coloured concrete using Synergy Synthetic Oxide Pigments.

Synergy Synthetic Oxide Pigments offer a wide diversity of colour:

  • in the red, yellow, brown and black range
  • shades of green (chrome oxide green)
  • blue and white (cobalt blue and titanium dioxide)
  • wide range of special blended colours

Synergy also has durable quality with:

  • lasting colour intensity
  • resistance to UV radiation and weather effects
  • stable physical properties to ensure resistance to the aggressive alkaline cement paste an permanent integration in the hardened concrete
  • ecologically safe

The below colour chart is provided as a guide only. There are many factors that affect the final colour of concrete, thus the product colours may differ. Please also note that due to the fundamental nature of RGB colour model, your monitor cannot reproduce these pigment colours properly. Real pigment colours may be more or less vivid than those shown below. Please call or visit us for a real pigments chart sample.

For any questions relating to Synergy Pigment products, call 1300 655 853.

Synergy Pigments Australia recommends using only contractors experienced in this type of work.

Synergy Colour Chart